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Ningbo Jiali Century Group Co.,Ltd. is a professional razor manufacturer, located in the Ningbo Industrial Park of Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It covers a building area of 30000 square meters.  Over the past 30 years, the enterprise has focused on the production and manufacture of extreme ultra-thin new blade materials and disposable shaving products, achieved an annual output of 500 million pieces razor. It is a long-term partner of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Auchan, Metro and Miniso, Products are exported to all over the world.


The company has state of art modeling workshop, equipped with more than 70 sets advanced automatic injection machine. More than 60 automatic machine for razors and over 15 automatic blade production lines, The company was awarded as a National High-tech Enterprise due to the integrated research, development, manufacture, productions and sales with service. In the year 2018, Ningbo Jiali launched V series of system razor, with the outstanding advantage of longer durability, impressive smoothness, easy rinse clean and non-glide ergonomic handle design. The V Series are highly welcomed by all the customers.


The company has already passed the certifications of ISO9001-2015, 14001, 18001, FDA, BSCI , C-TPAT and BRC etc. Obtained the honors such as “National little giant enterprise”, “National High -tech Enterprise”, We have obtained 83 patents and our independent brand "Good Max" has been awarded the title of "Zhejiang Province Famous Export Brand".


Market-oriented and customer satisfaction as a foothold, “pioneering and innovative, pragmatic refinement”, do any efforts in order to improve product quality, we sincerely welcome your guidance and join us.

Who We Are?


NINGBO JIALI CENTURY GROUP CO.,LTD is an industrial and trading enterprise that produce private label razors  from single blade to six blade and export to more than 70 countries. Jiali has always focus on customers' shaving experience. It is a professional manufacturers with core technology in blade design, grinding and coating. The use of imported sharpening technology and nano-scale multi-coating technology makes the blades strong and durable and greatly improves comfortability. With such superior quality, Jiali ranks among the world's leading brands.


What We Do?

 We are the only domestic factory that starts from the mold manufacturing to finished products . The new technology of L-shape blade razor which we launched in 2018 is greatly favoured as it providing more comfortable and more smooth experience during shaving . Factory capacity now can reach to 1.5 million pcs per day and  there are more  automatic injection machines ,assembly lines and blade production lines on the way.  what we always followed is that quality is the key point to win the market . so we still keep efforts to improve the quality and satisfy our customers .


NINGBO JIALI CENTURY GROUP CO.,LTD is a professional manufacture that produce razors from single blade to six blade . Both available for men and women, disposable ones and system one. Big international company provide good quality razor but with the price extremely high. While small factories in China provide razors with cheap price but in poor quality. We are the solution for all these problems.


 Why Choose Us

1: Moderate Price
It’s not so wise to spend high cost on a brand name instead of the value of shaving. We do care about customer’s cost and find it’s balance with the quality.
2:Strict Quality Control
Razor lost it’s meaning when it can not provide an smooth shaving experience.All products quality must reach the standard value, the rate of control is 100%. unqualified product are not allowed to delivery.
3:Flexible customization
We can do private label in your own artwork. Customize it’s package, color combination, even in your own razor design. Simply we do what you ask.
4: Big capacity
If you buy big volume and worry about the capacity of the factory, it’s totally not necessary. We produce 1.5 million pieces of razors every day and we always have plan B if something unexpected happen.

Workshop & Equipment

One of our advantage is we have our own mold workshop to design and open new mold. This makes customization possible.  We also spend over 30% more cost than regular mould supplier to make sure our moulds are more accurate and more smooth.


54 sets of automatically injection machine work day and night to make sure we will enough capacity for all our customer. Only new material will be use for all razor components and we inspect them every one hour to make sure they are perfect for assembling.


Blade making technology is the core factor of razor quality. We are using advanced stainless steel as the blade material and all the material will go through cooling and heating process to reach to an certain hardness. Only qualified material could be use for grinding.


Blades after grinding is not an finished product for assembling. Coating process is the guarantee of a smooth shaving. Chromium coating prevent blade from rust and protect it’s edge to extend the durability, while Teflon coating makes sure blade touching is comfortable when shaving on your skin.


We have more than 30 sets automatically assembling machine for our twin blade,triple blade,four blade, five blade and six blade razors. Assembling without hand touch helps protect blade sensitive edge and more hygenic.  Automatical inspecting camara pick out defect cartridges.


Strict inspection is the last step of quality control. We have independent QC department for all plastic component, blades, cartridge and finished products. Each process have it’s  standard and all the inspection report will be kept for future tracking.  Goods will be shipped only after approval of QC department.


Company Technical Strength


Inspired by a deep understanding of men, JiaLi Razor use innovative technology to deliver outstanding quality and performance. Advanced microscopic imaging techniques allow us to study the cutting process in extreme detail.

Achieving maximum closeness and comfort is all about the interaction of blade with hair and skin. An insight that lead to breakthrough comfort with that optimal spacing between the blades is essential. With the right distance skin bulges less between the blades with means less drag.

Shaving may look easy, but it is,in fact,a surprisingly complicated process,and we never stop studying it.


Our Team


JiaLi has a total of over 300 employees, among them, there are 12 R&D personnel and 22 inspection staff. Our research and develop (R&D) center was founded in 2005, it has been engaged in the research of grinding and coating technology and complete equipment, and development of new products. our company has a number of product patents. We continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research  and personnel training. We also have established research institutes and academic exchange relations with various domestic universities and research institutes.

Qualification Honor

Appearance Design Patent

Appearance Design Patent





environment management system

Environment management system



Heath and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management

Invent Patent

Invent Patent

ISO 9001-2015

ISO 9001-2015

Utility Patent Certificate

Utility Patent Certificate

Enterprise Of High Tech

Enterprise Of High Tech

International Co-Operation

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